How To Build An Email List From Scratch: 9 List Build Steps To Follow

how to build email list

Email listing buildings are the foundation of effective email marketing.

Here are the 9 steps to follow in order to build a solid email list and make the most of your email marketing in 2022.

Step 1: Make your newsletter a valuable product

Make your newsletter a valuable product

Threat your newsletter like a product and communicate the benefits of using it. When you provide value for your contacts, you see higher conversion and engagement rates.

Step 2: Promote your newsletter like a product

Promote it on the following

  • Promote your newsletter in online conferences and events.
  • On your blog
  • On your Podcast
  • On social media pages and groups
  • Promote on partnerships
  • PPC Campaign
  • Tools and software

Step 3: Create lead magnets

What is a lead magnet? A lead magnet is something valuable for your target audience that you offer in exchange for contact information. The goal of the lead magnet is to incentivize subscriptions and maximize the number of targeted leads captured via a web form.

Lead magnet example:

leadd magnet example

Educational materials





Resource kit


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Step 4: Present the benefits of joining your email list

Go beyond the > sign up to our newsletter > by simply providing a few reasons to do so.

Come up with a different incentive, like a loyalty program, discount, exclusive merch, or contest and test which one proves to be more effective.


Step 5: Create a landing page for your newsletter

A landing page is also known as a “lead captured page” or a “squeeze page”, is a single web page designed to build a contact list.

Create a landing page for your newsletter.

Step 6: Ad subscription form to your website or blog

A web form or a signup form is an HTML form that is installed on a website or blog to enable visitors

to signup.


There are different kinds of forms to choose from, e.g., a subscription form, download box, scroll form,  fixed bar, lightbox or an exit popup.

Step 7: Create a survey for website and blog visitors.

survey for website

Your website visitors and blog readers already expressed interest in your product and content.

Use a survey to jump in and invite people who enjoy your content to subscribe for more.

Step 8: Run a webinar for your targeted audience.


So the idea is simple – you offer valuable information for everyone who signs up for your contact list.

Carefully planned webinar content will certainly attract your target audience. You can promote your webinar via social media or order online marketing channels to maximize outreach.

Step 9: Create a building funnel

They are 2 kinds of list building funnels.

Lead magnet funnel 

With a lead magnet funnel, you can host your lead magnets, set up landing pages, create autoresponders and promote them on Facebook ads.

Standard opt-in funnel

These list building funnels can help you to set up a full lead generation campaign, even if you don’t have a downloadable opt-in incentive.

Use them to promote your newsletter, an email course, a monetary incentive, or a resource vault.

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