MessagePayz $1k Per Month By Messaging Strangers?


MessagePayz is the world’s first system that “mass-messages” 1,000’s Facebook users, which is pocketing us a MINIMUM of $1,000 per month…

Messagepayz is a cloud base software that allows you to create websites.

Just select a done for your offer inside, hit the send button, and you’re all set!

This is your opportunity to cash in on Facebook’s 2 billion users.

Product Name: MessagePayz App

Price: Only $17 Today


Founder: Wesley Virgin

How Messagepayz Work?

Just 3 Steps To Activate The System That Pockets Us $1,742.04 per Month…

Step #1 Access

Access MessagePayz Online On Your Computer Or Mobile Phone…
*Works On ANY Device

Step #2 Select

Choose A Done For Your Offer To Promote…
*Only The HOTTEST Offers*

Step #3 Mass-Message

MessagePayz Will “Mass-Message” Your Link To 1,000’s Of Targeted FB Users…
*1-Click Simple*

And that’s it… There’s nothing else to do…
Simply fire up messagepayz on your device of choice (phone or computer) and you’re all set.

Messagepayz comes with 7 upgrades.

Front End

price $19

Upgrade 1 

Unlimited – With this upgrade, you can do unlimited campaigns. Price $97

Upgrade 2

Done for you – Everything is already setup for you. Price $297

Upgrade 3

Automation – Everything on autopilot  Price $47

Upgrade 4

Instant profits Price, $67

Upgrade 5

Traffic on tap Price $147

Upgrade 6

Franchise – You have the right to resell the app and keep 100 % profit. Price $197

Upgrade 7

Multiple income Price $47

More info here 

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