Royal Q Robot – How To Start From 0 and Earn Money On Autopilot

royal q robot

Royal Q Robot or Royal Q bot is an intelligent app program used to trade crypto in Binance and Huobi using a smart quantitative trading system.

Royal q bot is a make-app money suitable for everyone, no experience is needed.

Advantages of Royal Q Robot :

  • Potential income from 2% to 10% per day (based on your profit setting and the market)
  • Royal q robot spot trade-in Binance and Huobi through API integration
  • No experience in the trade market needed
  • 50 coins available to trade
  • The bot is working 7×24 hours, no need to analyze the graph
  • Cheap robot to trade for you
  • Your assets remain in Binance

For all the settings and to connect to the Royal Q app, you need to do the following steps :

Creating Accounts

Create Binance  Account

Binance is one of the biggest, exchange markets for cryptocurrencies.


You will be redirected to this page :

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Register with your email or mobile, saves the password click create account

Account verification: Open your email, and you will find the code inside and is done:

account binance

Now validate google authenticator for more security. Then verify your identity.

Increase your account security:

royal q robot,royal q bot,royal q registration,royal q trading bot,royal q fuel fee

…and done.

Create Royal Q Account

The first step is to click here and activate royal q.

This is the activated page, to register you need the Invitation code: JVCRZ

royal q account

Enter the email, send the verification code, and save the password on a clipboard or in a safe place on your pc. Done.

Now download the app for mobile :

Apple Store        Google Play

download royalq

Now from mobile enter inside to the royal q bot.

Setup Royal Q App

Before we go to the settings, I’ll explain to you the  minimum costs:

The app is using stable coin USDT.

A stable coin has the same valor as a dollar:

1 USDT= 1 USD 

  • Royal q app cost annual fee: 120 USDT and fuel for-profit fee (20%)
  • Binance: Must have at least 150 USDT for trading.

Now enter into the mobile app and go to the downright corner and press mine


Put the email and password for the login. Done

Click again on mine and complete the profile and complete it:

  • change avatar
  • change nickname with your name or alias

Click confirm and done.

avatar royalq

Click Location and search your country, then press ok.

If you don’t find your country, go down on the list and click Other.

royal q

Then select Confirm and confirm again.


Deposit USDT into Royal Q Robot

Now go to Asset:

Here you will have the USDT for paying the annual fee and for fuel

The annual fee is 120 USDT 

  • 120 for an annual fee and 30 remain in your Royal Q account for fuel:

What is fuel?

Fuel is a commission for the app, so when you make a profit, 20% with be charged.

For example, if you did profit for a trade of 10 USDT, the fuel is 2 USDT

Now click Deposit.

asset royal q

Now is a window like this with:

  • chain name TRC20, 
  • QR code, ignore here
  • the link is your USDT address

Remember you need then when you need to withdraw from Binance.

deposit royalq

We need to send it here on the royal q app 150 USDT

  • 120 USDT for an annual fee and 30 USDT for fuel. (However, you can put into fuel more)

Now buy 250 USDT with your currency Dollar, euro.

Open the Binance app and go home and click buy with the dollar (or euro, depends on what currency you choose).

Choose crypto and search USDT and click it.

usdt royalq

Always Remember: Cryptocurrency investments are volatile and high risk in nature. Don’t invest more than what you can afford to lose.

The total to buy for in this example is 255 USDT.

Open in Binance then On the downright click wallets and find USDT clicks on it

Click down Deposit

Now open the Royal Q app – go to Asset – Deposit – click copy link

Open Binance app again and buy USDT

royal q fuel

Now from Binance go to Wallet 

royal q robot,royal q bot,royal q registration,royal q trading bot,royal q fuel fee

Find USDT and Click on it:

Click then Withdrawal.


Here, you copy-paste the address from Royal q

Network select the chain name: TRC20

And the amount 150 USDT: then next withdrawal


In a few minutes, check if the coin is in your Royal Q app – Go to mine then Asset 

Connect Royal Q with Binance

Go to the Royal q and click API binding.

bind royal q

To bind the app you press the big button Binance unbound.

bind binance

Now, this window will appear:

bind royal q

Here you have an API key, Secret key and verification code.

So where to find these keys?

In Binance go to the avatar in the left upside corner and if you don’t have a verified account just verify it and press the lite button version to have a pro version.

binance lite

You click now on more here

royal q robot,royal q bot,royal q registration,royal q trading bot,royal q fuel fee

And find down  to API management

api binance

Select this button to enter to create a new API key 

new api key binance

Here you name the label like ‘royal q’ or ‘royal q bot’ to remember the API in case you will create more keys.

Next, create API then you need verification email code mobile code etc.

Now copy your key. Press copy

copy api key binance

Now go to Royal q and paste the key here:

royal q api

Then for the secret key go to Binance down from API key click on the arrow and copy the key

bind binance

Pass the code in royal q and press request verification code – verify and press Bind

API Restriction gives the power to the app for using your binance account:

Must be selected ONLY Enable reading and Enable Spot&Margin Trading.

Now Go to the main window and press API binding and now the button Binance is orange  BOND.

Now the last step you need to activate the bot:

Go to mine and renew to buy the annual fee of 120 USDT. Just click activate the button.

royal q robot,royal q bot,royal q registration,royal q trading bot,royal q fuel fee

Now is done, you can trade and earn.

  • Register to Royal Q bot HERE
  • Register to Binance HERE


Cryptocurrency investments are volatile and high risk in nature. Don’t invest more than what you can afford to lose.

No decision, financial, investment, trading or otherwise, should be made based on the information presented on this website without taking independent due diligence and consultation with a professional broker or advisor. 

Written by Magvix Stuff